mentor nation

S1E61 – How to monetize your experience with Cris Cawley

In this episode I interview Cris Cawley. Cris is the epitome of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur. She has build several highly successful businesses intentionally around her home and family life. Cris owns Game Changer Publishing, where she has helped over 150,000 entrepreneurs either publish a book, or take their life/career experience, and turn it into a thriving business.

S1E59 – How to build a “Resilience” Mindset with Adam Hires

In this episode I interview Adam Hires. Adam is one of the most disciplined and focused individuals I have ever had the opportunity to interview. After becoming #1 in the world of power lifting in his weight class, he sought a new challenge and in 2016 join the mortgage industry and quickly rose to the top 1% in the US. If that wasn’t enough, he decided to inspire others by moving to a brand new city where he knew no one, and start from zero while documenting his journey to prove that success is a state of mind and not luck.

S1E52 – How to Motivate the Unmotivated with Matt Granados

In this episode I interview Matt Granados. Matt is a best selling author and the founder of Life Pulse Inc, a company that helps companies grow quickly by implementing “people processes.” After building his own business to a multi million dollar company in his twenties, he discovered some very specific strategies that led to his book and the focus of his current company.. which is how to “Motivate the Unmotivated.”

S1E50 – Activating your Wonder Switch with Harris III

In the episode I interview Harris III. He is a world famous magician, entrepreneur and now a best selling author. After making a fortune entertaining audiences globally when he was in his teens and 20s, he hit a major wall after going through an identity crisis and depression. This difficult time led to his biggest breakthrough and what he calls discovering his Wonder Switch.