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S2E28 – The man who pioneered the Acai bowl with Andrew Pudalov

In this episode I interview Andrew Pudalov. Andrew is the founder of Rush Bowls, which is a rapidly growing franchise redefining healthy fast food all over the country. After being burned out with his career in finance, he picked up and moved his entire family to a new state and started all over from scratch. Seeing an opportunity after realizing that a smoothie really wasn’t a solid solution to lunch, he started the first Rush Bowl 17 years ago and today they have 35 stores with plans to open 15 more this year.


In this interview Andrew shares his story, some of the ups and downs of starting a business from scratch, and perhaps my favorite thing…. Which is him talking about leaving a really really high paying career and starting all over because he wasn’t happy. That takes a lot of courage to do.

Enjoy the episode!


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