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S1E31 – Why the number of your followers doesn’t matter with Karlyn Ankrom

In today’s episode I interview Karlyn Ankrom. Karlyn is the founder of Oh Snap! Social, a brilliant company helping businesses of all sizes with end to end branding and social media strategy.

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S1E30 – How to create an environment to bring out your best self with John Abbas

In this special 30th episode, I go solo and speak about something that has been more instrumental to my own success than anything else.. Creating the right environment.

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S1E29 – The Economic Coronavirus Aftermath and how YOU can take advantage financially with Kenneth Ameduri

In today’s show, I interview Kenneth Ameduri. Kenneth is the Founder and editor of Crush the Street, which is a highly popular financial newsletter that specializes in educating people on investing, market trends, and where the smart people are putting their money.

His youtube channel has Tens of thousands of followers and he interviews some of the smartest people on the planet on growing wealth in a variety of ways such as Stocks, precious metals, and Crypto currency.

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