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S1E55 – Living your healthiest life in 2021 with Josh Evans and Anthony Mendez

In today’s episode I interview Josh Evans and Anthony Mendez

They are world renowned fitness coaches and the founders of the Sweat it Out podcast which is one of the fastest growing fitness podcasts in the world. They have build a monster following on social media and give out tons of free content every day. Since its a new year and they bring over 20 years of experience helping thousands of people live incredibly fit and healthy lives, I wanted to ask them for their best advice when it comes to Mindset, Nutrition, exercise and supplements.

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S1E52 – How to Motivate the Unmotivated with Matt Granados

In this episode I interview Matt Granados. Matt is a best selling author and the founder of Life Pulse Inc, a company that helps companies grow quickly by implementing “people processes.” After building his own business to a multi million dollar company in his twenties, he discovered some very specific strategies that led to his book and the focus of his current company.. which is how to “Motivate the Unmotivated.”

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