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S2E36 – The Power of Having Foresight with Pasha Esfandiari

In this episode I interview Pasha Esfandiari. Pasha is the founder and CEO of Evoke Capital, which invests in tons of real estate all over the country. Ever since his early 20s everything he has touched has been ultra successful, and he attributes his success to a very simple strategy… Foresight. Simply paying attention to trends before the masses see it.  

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S2E35 – How to Effortlessly Grow your Own Food with Jim Gale

In this episode I interview Jim Gale. Jim is the founder of Food Forest Abundance, a company that helps average people all over the country effortlessely grow their own food. Regardless of how big or small your yard is, His company can take your pictures, and design blueprints with simple step by step instructions for growing all of your own fruits, vegetables, and more. You can literally do it yourself easily or just had it to a landscaper and soon you’ll be able to save thousands of dollars, eat 10 times healthier, and have a badass story to tell your friends and neighbors.  

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