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S1E35 – Your Blue Flame! How to Find the Courage to Follow your Dream with Jen Fulwiler

In this episode I interview Jennifer Fulwiler. Jennifer has one of the most awesome, fun, and inspiring stories of anyone that I have had on the show. Jennifer is a mom of 6, was an atheist most of her life, and after discovering religion later in life, she went on to host a highly successful show on Sirius XM for many years before quitting cold turkey to follow her passion of being a standup comedian. YES.. You heard that right.

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S1E34 – Developing your Children into Entrepreneurs with Cameron Herold

In this episode I interview Cameron Herold.Cameron almost has too many accolades to cover in the notes. For starters he helped build 3 companies into the largest of their kind including 1800-GOT-JUNK and Gerber Collision. He has written 5 best selling books including Free PR, Meetings Suck, and The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs. He founded the COO Alliance which is the largest mastermind the the second in command of large companies.

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S1E33 – Zero to $20 Million in one year!?! With Kevin Zhang

In today’s episode I interview Kevin Zhang. Kevin is one of the brightest people I have ever spoken with for being in his early 20s. After watching his parents struggle working multiple jobs trying to provide for the family as Chinese immigrants, he decided to do some thing different in order to reach the American Dream.

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