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S2E19 – Grammy Nominated Producer to Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor with Rich Frierson

In this episode I interview Rich “Younglord” Frierson. Rich is a grammy nominated Hip Hop and R&B producer turned Multi-Millionaire Real estate investor. 

At the age of 16 he signed with P Diddy’s record label and quickly learned the business of producing. His company License to rock controls a catalog of over 5,000 songs and has licensed music to major movie studios, networks, and high-profile brands.

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S2E18 – Positioning Yourself as the Best with Dr. Jon Marashi

In this episode I have an incredible conversation literally the most famous celebrity dentist in the US. If you look at his Instagram, you will see almost every famous celebrity you can imagine. 

Dr. Jon Marashi is the trusted dentist for stars such as Tom Hanks, Justin Timberlake, Pink, Matt Damon, LeAnn Rimes and sooo many more. 

Even Cher herself called him the Tom Ford of Dentistry.

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S2E17 – The Woman Cleaning up Hollywood with Emellie O’Brien

In this episode I interview Emellie O’Brien. Emellie is the founder of Earth Angel, which is the top sustainable production services company in the world for film & TV productions having made over 70 sets sustainable to date including projects like; Spider-Man, Black Panther, Billions, the Avengers and many more..

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