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S03E10 – An Incredible Story of Perseverance and Mindset with Megan Reuwer

In this episode I interview Megan Reuwer. Megan is the truest definition of success that I have ever seen. I want you for a moment to imagine how difficult it would be to raise a child with a disability while running a successful business. Now imagine If you had 5 children, one died and the other 4 all have serious disabilities. Megan Reuwer is a rockstar. 2 of her children have Spina Bifida, two of her children have a heart defect, and despite this, she is able to care for all of them while building a successful company nationwide.  

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S03E08 – The Incredible Story of Billy Jack Harlow

In this episode I interview Billy Jack Harlow. Billy Jack has one of the most inspirational stories I have ever heard. From serving in the military for 30 years, to striking oil on his land, to becoming an in demand actor in his 60s, he lives a life unlike anyone else his age and offers some of his incredible philosophies on how you can do the same.