S2E30 – How to Channel your Inner Creativity with Natalie Roy

In this episode I interview Natalie Roy. Natalie is an accomplished actress, author, and coach. She’s a regular on some of the most popular tv shows on the planet such as Law and Order and The Blacklist. She also the host of the CREATE podcast with her best friend and she pioneered the acting technique The Activated Actor.

Funny story…. When I was researching her, I watched some of her videos on Youtube and I had no idea that she was the star in one of my favorite commercials of all time. Many of you will remember the match.com commercial where there’s a woman and The devil himself sitting down for an interview. If you haven’t seen it, you need to but I loved that commercial and I totally geeked out when I discovered that was her!

In this interview Natalie shares her story, and some advice that I think we all need which is how to bring out your inner creativity so that you can have fulfillment. This is a great interview that I know you will love!

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