Hello Friends !

I am John. I am the host of the Mentor Nation podcast where we bring world class leaders, entrepreneurs, and people doing interesting things and we get them to mentor you by sharing their journeys, their stories, and their best advice. Think of it like having a personal mentor every week who is there to give you a tip, a kick or an aha moment so that you are more equipped in your success journey.

You see, I believe that mentorship is the most important ingredient to success, and yet the most lacking for people wanting to live a better life. Growing up in a poor family, I didn’t even know what a great mentor was let alone where to find one. I learned everything the hard way and failed over and over again until I found my first mentor at the age of 29, and it changed my whole life in less than one year.

If you listen to episode 1 you will get a much better picture but here is the gist.

After getting out of the Navy at age 23, I became an entrepreneur. I had no direction, no mentors, and no skills, but I had ambition and drive. Due to hard work and a little luck, I actually made incredible money in my first business, but it was short lived. I started a small roofing company in New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina and due to crazy demand, we made a lot of money in a short period of time, however, I had no idea how to keep it. After some bad decisions, wasteful spending, and a lack of knowledge on basic money principles, I found my self with only a fraction left and when roofing dried up I decided to move to Vegas and open up a Cafe with my best friend.

It was 2007 and I was the owner of Rejavanate Coffee Lounge in Las Vegas Nevada. Life was great! I was making money, I got married, found out my first daughter was on the way, and then a wake up call like no other hit me. The recession. I lost everything. $200,000 in debt, No one to turn to, a family to support, and wife who couldn’t get a job since she wasn’t an American citizen. I was in the worst situation I had ever been in at the age of 27. For 2 years we were on the brink of being homeless while I did anything and everything to make enough money to support my family and pay off debt. Waiting tables, cleaning windows, and even teaching ballroom dancing(I was terrible!). I was working 16 hours a day only to get further and further in the hole.
One day, on a plane ride back from LA I sat next to a man and struck up a conversation. I realized quickly he was very successful and come to find out lived in the same city I did. I made a decision right then and there to get him to mentor me. To this day I don’t know if it was my ambition or if he sensed my desperation but he became a mentor to me. Well… after putting me through some obstacles where I had to prove myself first. This relationship changed my life. Within a year I was making over 6 figures and able to pay off my debts, but more importantly I knew at that moment why I had struggled for so long and how to fix it. “I had to change my circle.” He taught me that I will always be a product of the people that I spend the most time with and I need to constantly elevate that group. Changing my circle expanded my thinking, grew my network, changed my habits, and forced me to grow quickly. This made all the difference.

Today I have several businesses, many mentors, and a deep passion for helping others. I have a fiance’ that I adore and three beautiful daughters. I will however, never forget what it was like just a few short years ago being lost and directionless, desperately looking for some guidance.

This is why I created the Mentor Nation podcast. My vision is to start with incredible guests giving their best wisdom and sharing links so that you can connect with them. After, I ultimately plan to continue to build out the website with more and more resources and tools to help you at any stage in your life. Even if you are already successful and have it all figured out… then Mentor Nation can be a place where you give back and help others. Its going to be a fun process!

I want to thank you for being on this journey with me and I am excited for this community to grow!