S2E19 – Grammy Nominated Producer to Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor with Rich Frierson

In this episode I interview Rich “Younglord” Frierson. Rich is a grammy nominated Hip Hop and R&B producer turned Multi-Millionaire Real estate investor.

At the age of 16 he signed with P Diddy’s record label and quickly learned the business of producing. His company License to rock controls a catalog of over 5,000 songs and has licensed music to major movie studios, networks, and high-profile brands.

Looking to diversify, he got involved in real estate investing and through his ability to humble himself and find mentors and found another wave of massive success..

In this interview Rich and I talked about his story, and the mindset and principles that he uses to duplicate success over and over in different industries.

This is a powerful interview where you will take away so many valuable nuggets… Enjoy.


Connect with Rich:

Instagram @richyounglord


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