S2E16 – Bringing Hollywood to Small Town Georgia with Alexander Kane

In this episode I interview an absolutely incredible guest by the name of Alexander Kane. Imagine being 35 years old living in a small town in Georgia. You have 6 kids and then just decide one day that you are going to quit your day job to make a name for yourself in the movie business. Well that is exactly what he did. After a short stint trying his had at acting, he realized that if he was going to succeed, he needed to be in control of his future and so he decided to produce his own projects.

Facing rejection everywhere, he finally raised the money he needed for his first film, with the mayor of the town writing the first check.

Since then he has went on to produce several projects with major celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson and Luke Wilson starring in his films.

Even crazier is he didn’t go to Hollywood to do it. He brought Hollywood to his small town for all of his movies putting the town of Fitzgerald on the map.

In this interview, Alex shares his story, his mindset, and his vision and I dare you to listen to this episode and not leave thinking 10 times bigger than you currently do now.



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