S1E15 – Millionaire Success Principles with Marc Demetriou


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In today’s episode we interview Marc Demetriou. Marc is a self made millionaire and the in the top 1% of all mortgage bankers in the country. He is also the author of Lessons from my grandfather. A book that has won many awards for its practical wisdom on success. Marc’s grandfather was an immigrant who came to the US with nothing and became a millionaire using specific success fundamentals. He then spent years mentoring Marc on the principles he used to create his success. After becoming successful himself, Marc decided to write his book to not only honor his grandfather but to teach the world simple things that can be done to create more abundance in life.

In the episode we do a high level of his book, and Marc talks about the most important takeaways that you can use right away to shift your mindset and start creating bigger wins.


Marc’s website marcdemetriou.com
Marc’s book – Lessons From My Grandfather: amzn.to/2sXtuY2

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