S1E03 – The Keys to Building a World Class Culture in any Organization – with Erin Krueger

Scaling World Class Culture from Solopreneurship

I was so excited to interview Erin personally because of her insane reputation and accomplishments, but more importantly, who she is as a person.

Erin Krueger is practically a legend in Nashville. She is one of the top agents not only in TN, but the entire country. She sold over $100 million in real estate last year alone and is on track to eclipse that in 2019 averaging almost 80 homes sold PER MONTH! What makes her special however, is how she is doing this with a team half the size of anyone else doing the same numbers.

In the episode we focus on how to build a world class culture within your organization. We dive in to going from a solo entrepreneur to scaling, How to hire, delegate, and how to build a culture that brings the absolute best out of everyone so that you can accomplish much more with much fewer people. If you have ever struggled with growing past a solo entrepreneur or delegating well, this is the episode for you.

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