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S2E09 – The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life with Dr. Allen Lycka

In one of my favorite talks ever, I interview Dr. Allen Lycka. Dr. Lycka was one of the most successful cosmetic doctors in the world. He was a pioneer during the development and use of Botox and the liposuction procedures that millions use today.

While at the top of his game, a health issue caused him to go to the doctor where he was diagnosed with ALS or as many know it Lou Gherigs disease and was told he was going to die. He spent a full year preparing to die prematurely before a chance encounter led him to discovering he was misdiagnosed and actually had Lyme’s disease.

In that year, he discovered what truly matters in life, and he shares the principles in his book that he wrote with a coauthor and former model who was kidnapped, stabbed multiple times and left for dead.

In this interview we cover Dr. Lycka’s incredible story, and the things he truly learned while believing he was about to die. This interview changed my life and I know that it will impact you as well..




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