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S03E10 – An Incredible Story of Perseverance and Mindset with Megan Reuwer

In this episode I interview Megan Reuwer. Megan is the truest definition of success that I have ever seen. I want you for a moment to imagine how difficult it would be to raise a child with a disability while running a successful business. Now imagine If you had 5 children, one died and the other 4 all have serious disabilities. Megan Reuwer is a rockstar. 2 of her children have Spina Bifida, two of her children have a heart defect, and despite this, she is able to care for all of them while building a successful company nationwide.

Her story was so inspirational that I couldn’t help but to reflect and sit in gratitude for the entire day after we finished. No matter how bad you think you have it… someone has it worse and they are still thriving.



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