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S03E05 – How to have short AND long term success in the stock market with Jerremy Newsome

In this episode I interview Jerremy Newsome.  Jerremy is a highly successful investor and is the founder of Real Life Trading, which is a platform that educates thousands of people all around the world how to trade stocks, options and futures.

His Youtube channel has tens of thousands of subscribers, but what makes Jerremy really incredible is how he lives his life every single day. I don’t know many people on earth with his passion, intensity and gratitude and since he also lives in Nashville, I get to see first hand why he’s the real deal. He lives life in every facet at 100%. Whether it’s business, pushing his body to extreme limits, or just being an incredible family man, he goes all in and that’s why I wanted to have him on today.

He talks about his story, how to have the right mindset, and of course…. Stocks! This is an incredible interview and I am excited for you to hear it.

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