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S02E09 – The Tao of Trading: Success in Stocks and Options with Simon Ree

In this episode I interview Simon Ree. Simon is the author of the best selling book, The Tao of Trading and he is a master when it comes to helping people make money in options trading.

He started his career in the financial markets in 1992, where he held senior positions with Goldman Sachs and Citi-Bank. He headed up the markets desk for Goldman in Sydney and after a 28 year career, decided that it would be far more fulfilling to help everyday people have success than it would be to continue helping wealthy people get wealthier.

He wrote a book that became an international best seller and now his company Tao of Trading is exploding because of the results that he has gotten for his clients.

This is an incredible episode and I am excited for you to hear it! Enjoy!


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