S1E6 – The Man Who Got 3 Presidents Elected


Who do you call when you want to get elected President? Phillip Stutts. Phillip is the founder of Go Big media ( a top tier political marketing firm) and Win Big Media ( a multi million dollar corporate marketing agency). He is also the best selling author of Fire Them Now.

Political marketing is the most brutal, competitive, and cutthroat marketing in the world. There is no second place. You either win, or you lose. Phillip is the man you hire when you want to win. He has helped 1200 people win elections for political office including 3 US presidents. In today’s episode we talk about a formula that Phillip created that is the reason for all of these wins. He discovered this formula worked exactly the same for businesses and so he created another company to help corporations win. Today we take a deep dive into that formula and how YOU can use it to Win Big in every area of your life. I know you will get massive value out of this interview because the lessons here can be applied to everything that you do. If you are looking for a strategy to crush the competition, then you will love this episode.

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