S1E17 – Fighting Wars For a Living with Marcus V


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Today I interview Marcus V. who is currently active duty special forces. The nature of what he does is extremely secretive but I can tell you with certainty that he is one of the most hardcore people on the planet. He is one of the most decorated veterans on earth and has spent more time in war than almost anyone alive and has the scars and the medals to prove it. He has lead large teams under the most extreme circumstances where every decision can be life or death. In one crazy story you’ll here in this interview, he was in a face to face shoot out in Afghanistan with someone hiding in a cave that had supposedly been cleared.. This exchange of fire from just a few feet away was all captured on video.

In this interview we talk about war, the things he has seen and done, how he prepares himself for these missions, and how he leads. Most importantly though is how he has been able to maintain a strong mindset and a positive attitude despite losing dozens of his closest friends and having seen things that you can’t even imagine. If you need perspective in your life, this episode will give it to you!


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