S1E19 – Giving your kids an edge early in life with Laura Sandefer


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Have you ever wondered if a school existed for kids to help them learn entrepreneurship, discover their passion, and learn valuable real world skills such as leadership and problem solving? Well it does, and the name is Acton Schools. Today I interview Laura Sandefer, the founder and CEO of Acton which now has over 250 schools worldwide and growing rapidly. 10 years ago she had a vision of teaching young children the things that would matter later in life to success and she took that vision from her living room with 5 students to a rapid growing global franchise.

In this interview we talk about everything you could ever want to know about Acton. The story, the mission, how their curriculum works, the results over the last 10 years, and what you can expect if you wanted to either enroll your child or start one yourself. This was a fantastic conversation full of incredible insights. Enjoy!!

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