Kenneth Ameduri

S1E29 – The Economic Coronavirus Aftermath and how YOU can take advantage financially with Kenneth Ameduri



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In today’s show, I interview Kenneth Ameduri. Kenneth is the Founder and editor of Crush the Street, which is a highly popular financial newsletter that specializes in educating people on investing, market trends, and where the smart people are putting their money.

His youtube channel has Tens of thousands of followers and he interviews some of the smartest people on the planet on growing wealth in a variety of ways such as Stocks, precious metals, and Crypto currency.

In this interview, Kenneth and I speak a lot on his view of the economy and what is likely to happen post coronavirus as well as where he feels the biggest opportunities lie in the future. Since his team researches this stuff all day every day and he interviews the most credible experts on his show, there is so much to learn in this interview!!!

We also spend time talking about some of the alternative investments that people are putting their money in during the volatile times and how you can diversify wisely. We touch on Crypto-currency, Precious Metals, and the stock market.


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