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S1E30 – How to create an environment to bring out your best self with John Abbas



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In this special 30th episode, I go solo and speak about something that has been more instrumental to my own success than anything else.. Creating the right environment.

Your day to day environment will either bring out the best of your talent and energy, or will cause them to lie dormant and fade away.
For years, my energy would fluctuate, my motivation would go up and down and I really didn’t know there was a solution other than just listen to motivational things all the time. When a mentor shared how important creating a winning environment for myself really was, my whole life changed.

In this masterclass, I share tons of examples of how environment plays a crucial role in your output, but most importantly the simple steps that you can take RIGHT NOW, to create a winning environment so that you can thrive at maximum output!



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2 thoughts on “S1E30 – How to create an environment to bring out your best self with John Abbas”

  1. yo john what’s good? what ever happened to kyoni? how is it processing? making? are you solo nowadays or with a team? let’s say I need the recap since 2014? let’s say I’ve been ,, isolated just want to know where everyone at these days?

    1. Hey!! thanks for the comment! I still have a position in Kyani and take the product, but I have focused on building my own brand and businesses over the last couple of years. How about you?? What are you up to these days!!??

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