S1E5 – How to Dominate by Standing out and Creating Massive Attention – with Jesse Cole

Jesse Cole is someone that I believe every entrepreneur in the world should study. After spending years studying the greatest showmen on Earth such as PT Barnum and Walt Disney, he figured out exactly how they attracted massive attention and crowds, He took those secrets and transformed a small college baseball team in Savannah Georgia, from having less than 200 attendees at games and only 1 season ticket holder, to selling out all 4,000 seats every game, with a wait list that is years long. The Savannah Bananas is now a Multi-million dollar baseball team.

People come from all over the world to watch the Savannah Bananas and when Jesse isn’t putting on a show in his iconic yellow tux, he is helping entrepreneurs by teaching them how to do for their businesses, what he did in his.

In this episode we cover a little about Jesse’s story, and then take a deep dive into how he generated so much attention to a sport that many people consider “too long” and sometimes “boring.” We talk about specific strategies that any entrepreneur can use to “STAND OUT” regardless of how competitive your business or market is. Jesse also shares some amazing routines, such as what he does right when he gets out of bed that was so simple, and yet so powerful that I can’t wait for you to hear it. You are in for a real treat in the episode!

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