Blog 35

S1E35 – Your Blue Flame! How to Find the Courage to Follow your Dream with Jen Fulwiler


In this episode I interview Jennifer Fulwiler. Jennifer has one of the most awesome, fun, and inspiring stories of anyone that I have had on the show. Jennifer is a mom of 6, was an atheist most of her life, and after discovering religion later in life, she went on to host a highly successful show on Sirius XM for many years before quitting cold turkey to follow her passion of being a standup comedian. YES.. You heard that right. 

Following her passion led her to write her new best selling book, Your Blue Flame: Drop the Guilt and Do What Makes you Come Alive. In this episode we talk a lot about her book, how to identify YOUR blue flame, and how to follow your passion even if you think it’s too late or if you are scared. 



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