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2020 in America: One big “SAW” movie being orchestrated by a “mastermind?”

DISCLAIMER: The following blog is not my opinion, my belief, or anything that I am trying to prove. It is simply a fun observation of the current events in the U.S.,  through my own experience and how they relate to one of my favorite movies. Consider this a “Fictional” blog with some of my actual thoughts designed …

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S1E18 – A Mogul at 25 years Old with Ayla Kress

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In today’s episode I interview Ayla Kress. At 25 years old she is already an incredibly successful entrepreneur. She was Ranked top 30 under 30 Music Moguls in the making and is the founder of Brain Candy Management which represents talented musicians nationally.

S1E12 – Life Lessons from the great Brad Lea

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Today I interview Brad Lea. Brad is an entrepreneur, author, host of the Dropping Bombs podcast, and the founder and CEO of the multimillion dollar tech company Lightspeed VT. Lightspeed is the platform that over 50,000 businesses worldwide use to deliver their content and training to their audiences and his customers include some of the biggest names on the planet.

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My First Solo Episode. Why you Need a Mentor now!

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In my first solo episode ever, I share a little about my story from joining the military at age 17 to losing everything at age 27 and having to start all over as a new father. I hope you enjoy some of my personal story as well as the lessons I learned along the way.

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