S01e10: The Science of turning Fear into Happiness with Akshay Nanavati

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In today’s episode I interview a former marine and the author of the new book called Fearvana, The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear Into Health, Wealth and Happiness.”

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My First Solo Episode. Why you Need a Mentor now!

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In my first solo episode ever, I share a little about my story from joining the military at age 17 to losing everything at age 27 and having to start all over as a new father. I hope you enjoy some of my personal story as well as the lessons I learned along the way.

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S1E08 – Chase Your Impossible Dream

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Today’s episode is a fantastic story about chasing a dream despite the difficulty, and getting creative despite the setbacks. In 2011 Dr. Aaron Hinde and his friend Orion whom he met at the crossfit gym created the Lifeaid beverage company after Aaron realized that there was not a healthy alternative to the energy drinks sold in stores.

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S1E07 – Tom Black on Mastering Sales and your Mindset

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Tom Black is an Ultra Successful Entrepreneur, Author, and one of the largest wine collectors in the world. He grew up in a railroad boxcar and after discovering sales in college going door to door selling books, he used those sales principles to start many different companies and scale them into major corporations.

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S1E6 – The Man Who Got 3 Presidents Elected

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Who do you call when you want to get elected President? Phillip Stutts. Phillip is the founder of Go Big media ( a top tier political marketing firm) and Win Big Media ( a multi million dollar corporate marketing agency). He is also the best selling author of Fire Them Now.

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S1E5 – How to Dominate by Standing out and Creating Massive Attention – with Jesse Cole

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Jesse Cole is someone that I believe every entrepreneur in the world should study. After spending years studying the greatest showmen on Earth such as PT Barnum and Walt Disney, he figured out exactly how they attracted massive attention and crowds, He took those secrets and transformed a small college baseball team in Savannah Georgia, from having less than 200 attendees at games and only 1 season ticket holder, to selling out all 4,000 seats every game, with a wait list that is years long.

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S1E04 – How to Crush Copywriting and make $10,000 in the next 90 days starting from zero – with Robert Allen

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I knew Robert when he was just a young kid in college and have personally watched him become one of the biggest authorities in the copywriting and digital marketing space.

Robert Allen is only in his mid 20s, but he is the man behind some of the biggest names in a wide variety of industries. He helped Dr. Axe scale from $12 million to over $100 million per year and he has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Foundr magazine. Some of the biggest companies on earth trust him with millions of dollars in ad spend to make sure it is implemented in the most effective way possible. He is also the founder of the Kings of conversion podcast where he interviews the biggest digital marketers on Earth.

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S1E03 – The Keys to Building a World Class Culture in any Organization – with Erin Krueger

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I was so excited to interview Erin personally because of her insane reputation and accomplishments, but more importantly, who she is as a person.
Erin Krueger is practically a legend in Nashville. She is one of the top agents not only in TN, but the entire country. She sold over $100 million in real estate last year alone and is on track to eclipse that in 2019 averaging almost 80 homes sold PER MONTH! What makes her special however, is how she is doing this with a team half the size of anyone else doing the same numbers.

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S1E02 – From Jail to Juggernaut: The road to 8 figures – with Chris Cavallini

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This episode turned out to be much more powerful and in depth than I expected. Chris has one of the most incredible rags to riches stories I have ever heard. For those of you who don’t know Chris, he is the founder of Nutritionsolutions.com, one of the largest and fastest growing meal prep and meal plan companies in the United States. They have not only helped thousands of people lose tens of thousands of pounds, but celebrities and professional athletes globally turn to nutrition solutions for their meals and strategies.

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S1E01 – The Origin Story

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Join your host John Abbas, mentoring advocate and entrepreneur as he brings the worlds foremost and top entrepreneurs front-and-center with one request: if my audience paid you $10K for 30 minutes of your best wisdom, in your area of expertise, and expected to walk away with complete satisfaction, what would you tell them?

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