An App to find mentors anywhere in the world?

An App to find mentors anywhere in the world?

It’s 1994. Dating for many is harder than solving 2 Rubik’s cubes blindfolded. Even the idea of wanting to meet someone special creates a feeling of anxiety for so many because of the complications and unknown factors. Not for everyone of course, some get lucky and meet their significant other in school and skip right over the uncertainty, but for most….meeting someone wasn’t exactly easy. If you lived in a small town, questions would linger such as.. what if there aren’t many options? What if I can’t find someone that’s my type? Will I have to settle or move somewhere else? If I live in a big town, where do I even go if I want to meet someone? The club? A bar? The grocery store? Do I just hope that one my co-workers happen to be perfect and single? Then something incredible happened… launched in 1994 and the famous launched in 1995 that paved the way for dating to be changed forever. Today 1 in 3 marriages happen from meeting online and that number is growing at a staggering rate. What happened? Some genius used the power of technology to match people up with similar interests where they could create profiles and find potential candidates globally, and learn everything they need to know before meeting. They could see what they look like, what they enjoy doing and so much more with the click of a button. Welcome to the information age.

Why am I telling you this? Because finding mentors today seems to be just as hard as dating was in 1994. On one hand, we all know that having a mentor can save time, money, and energy. They are the ultimate shortcut to learning and can teach you valuable lessons before you learn on your own the hard way. On the other hand, where are you supposed to find one? Just like dating, some get lucky… They are born into a great family with a big network, and they have access to great mentors at any time. For most of us however, the only way to find a great mentor is
Know where to look
Know what to say
Learn how to develop the relationship and create a win-win
Is it worth it to learn these skills so that you can change your circle and your life? Of course! What if there was a better way though? What if there was a platform similar to, but for learning instead?
On one end of the platform you have Mentors who can:
  • Make money teaching those interested in what you are skilled at
  • Make an impact in the lives of others by helping them through your experience
  • Develop valuable relationships with people who have your same interests
  • Create an entire new skillset of teaching that can be repurposed for videos, courses, building your own brand, etc.
On the other end you have the mentees who can:
  • Find a mentor for anything on earth with a simple search.
  • Learn far more quickly than watching a video or taking a course
  • Get the right mentorship specific to your needs or situation
  • Build an incredible network fast
Think about it!

Want to learn Filmmaking?

This is why we are creating the Mentr platform; A platform where our ultimate vision is simply.. To “Make Mentorship Mainstream.”
You see, 2 years ago I was trying to learn how to start a podcast. I was up on youtube one night for hours trying to figure out the best way to get started. I needed to.
  • Know what equipment to buy based on my budget
  • What software and tools I will need
  • A step by step checklist so that I don’t miss something

The most efficient way to get started based on my current knowledge and topic Here’s what I discovered. Many of the youtube videos were contradicting, only gave me part of what I needed to know, and full of blanket information that was not relevant to my specific problem.

I found courses from legends like Pat Flynn and John Dumas that were great and better than just youtube, However The problem is when you buy a course, is that it was created for everyone and not me. Not only was I going to have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy it, but I would have to dig through tons of content to find what was relevant to me. I didn’t have the ability to ask specific questions and get the answers that I needed right now.

Then it hit me… At about 1 am, I remember mumbling to myself… “Damn, I wish I could just pay someone a hundred bucks or whatever who already has a podcast to let me sit down with them and have them give me a crash course. That way I can ask questions, they can help me get set up, show me what to buy, and what to do to get started. I could even watch them record an episode so that I know exactly how to do it. I then thought to myself.. “wow, why isn’t there an option like that out there?” I would bet anything there are podcasters everywhere who would love to earn extra money showing newbies how to get started and they could teach while doing the work they were going to do anyway.

That night I couldn’t sleep. I starting thinking not only of podcasting, but of all the things that I would learn and do if there were a way that I could easily connect with a mentor to learn quickly. For me personally, I dreamed of learning screenwriting, growing my own vegetable and herb garden, day trading, and salsa dancing to name a few.

Fast forward to today, that dream is now almost a reality. What started as an idea is now a product that is ready to go into beta testing here in Nashville. The IOS app and the Android apps are almost complete and ready to launch. It was not easy. I can’t help but think that while building this platform, how many times I could have and would have used a mentor to help me if only this platform had already existed. Things we had to learn the hard way such as what type of corporation to start, how to find developers, how to create a pitchdeck, how to get users are all things that we could have used an experienced mentor for.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to be a part of the pre-launch, you can learn more by going to Will it take off and one day become the Airbnb of learning? Only time will tell, but for now, we are just excited to have a small part in creating a reality where mentorship is available to everyone at anytime.

I just can’t help but think that one day soon, someone is going to wake up and have a desire such as becoming a builder or writing their own book, and they will be able to just open up the Mentr app and connect with a mentor that they can shadow or learn from allowing them to pursue that passion or interest quickly and with confidence.. One day…..Soon.

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