S1E08 – Chase Your Impossible Dream


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Today’s episode is a fantastic story about chasing a dream despite the difficulty, and getting creative despite the setbacks. In 2011 Dr. Aaron Hinde and his friend Orion whom he met at the crossfit gym created the Lifeaid beverage company after Aaron realized that there was not a healthy alternative to the energy drinks sold in stores. Having no money, no experience and entering an industry with a 99% failure rate, they pushed on by focusing on creating a product that people would love. After succeeding in creating a healthy, low sugar, great tasting energy drink that worked… they realized that the much more difficult task was getting distribution. How could they take on the giants such as Monster and Red Bull and get shelf space when NOBODY knew who they were? This is where they got creative and changed their model. This pivot changed everything. Lifeaid quickly grew and is now selling 2.5 million cans per day and they are on track to do $35 million in revenue for 2019. You can now find the Lifeaid brand beverages at most grocery stores and gyms around the country. This is an incredible story about persistent and out of the box thinking.




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